Website Design And Development: Ways, Cost and Time

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What is the cost, way and time requirement for website development

Website, the ultimate requirement for online existence in the current era. Nearly every day, the design, look and feel of the website is changing. New types of businesses through online are increasing with full pace. Ecommerce, drop shipping, affiliate marketing are some of the examples of business through online. Website is very crucial for these types of businesses as well as for other type of businesses. Clients mainly consider the look and feel of the website. But now a day they also focus on the responsiveness and speed too. There are lots of ways to create website. Cost and time of development also varies upon the ways of development.

Ways of website development

As we are the best website design company in Bangladesh, we should talk about the perspective of the website built in Bangladesh. Usually Bangladeshi website Design Company usually builds website in word press platform or by PHP. Developers use Laraval framework to build website in Bangladesh. Websites developed by php are usually high speedy but it is costly and development time is high. It is costly as the codes need to be written manually for a website which requires high involvement of the developers. Websites developed in wordpress platform are easy to create which is why you can build this type of site with a less price. But the main problem for wordpress site is that it is usually slow in nature. But the slowness depends on the optimization. As there are lots of plug-in included in the wordpress site, it takes a little bit more time to load the site i.e to fetch the data. But Bangladesh website design and development companies can create more lucrative website by wordpress platform.

Cost for website development

Costs actually vary with the type of development and some other factors. A lucrative website on wordpress platform may start from 30,000 BDT or nearly 350 USD. Price mainly depends on the number of pages, design, plugins or modules like animated slider, live chat, google map, enquiry form, SEO module and so on.  On the other hand, the Cost for website development by raw PHP or Laravel framework may start from 60,000 BDT or 660 USD. It requires more money as every page needs to be developed by hand coding. And there is no provision for drag and drop option.

Time requirement for website development

Similar to the cost of website development, the time required for website development also depends on some factors including the type of development, size  of the website, design and so on. Usually a wrodpress website development in Bangladesh or other parts of the world requires one month or 28 working days to complete. While, a php based website development in Bangladesh or other parts of the world requires one and a half month or 45 working days to complete.

So it completely depends on your choice, which type of development you are going to take. We recommend you to first think about the goal of the development. If you need a super fast and lucrative website and if you have enough budget then go for php based development. If you have a budget constraint but you want a fast and lucrative website then go for wordpress website for your business.


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