The Upcoming Social Media Marketing Platforms

The year is 2004; inside one of the dorm rooms in Harvard, a young man develops a social media platform that inadvertently changes the trajectory of digital marketing and the overall marketing ecosystem forever. Fast track a decade, and that particular social media platform has now grown to become the behemoth known as Facebook, which happens to be the world’s biggest social media marketing platform. The ease of reaching out to specific audiences, various means of communication, cost-effectiveness, and the advantages of using various tools, have made social media giants like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedln, Twitter, and many others, an ideal space for digital marketing.

As the world got on board this new tide of marketing, Bangladesh also did not fall behind. The drive for innovation and digitalization paved the way towards an astronomical rise in the popularity of marketing through social media platforms. Within a decade, social media marketing platforms have created abundant new opportunities for businesses.

Despite all the positives, there lies a huge challenge for social media marketing: having the capacity and eagerness to adapt to change and stay a step ahead. The digital marketing scenario constantly evolves with time and need, from changing algorithms to new options and features. Much like wild mushrooms, new social media platforms are popping up in almost every corner. It is thus crucial to identify the ideal social media marketing platforms to tap into to get maximum results for a brand.

With the existing platforms like Facebook and Google already booming and gradually becoming excessively crowded with countless marketing campaigns, it is time we start analyzing the prospects of the next big social media platforms in Bangladesh.

Let’s get the ball rolling and check out the following upcoming social media platforms for marketing in Bangladesh.


The platform has 200 million active monthly users and is spreading globally at a rapid pace. The platform is popular for having a massive array of designs, inspirational ideas, engaging information, and so much more.

The simplistic UX makes it loved by the audience, resulting in over 2 billion monthly searches on the platform. Each post also has a greater marketing lifetime, as they get pinned and constantly reap results for your brand. Many brands in the global market have already benefited a great deal. According to Small Business Trend’s research, a staggering 87%  of the people using Pinterest have made a buying decision because of the promotions on Pinterest.


Reddit is almost like the new cool kid on the block, who everyone starts to like very quickly, growing by 44% in the annual year 2020 as reported by The Wall Street Journal. It performs as a social news website and forum for the mass public. Reddit offers new features and benefits for marketers that are not available elsewhere. To add to that, advertising on Reddit is cheap, has low funnel traffic, greater audience engagement, and has unbelievable power of specific targeting. It is just a matter of time before the Reddit wave hits the global market.



It is no secret that the video gaming industry is gaining ground in Bangladesh; thus, multiple online platforms are becoming more and more popular. Twitch is a platform dedicated to gamers, allowing live streaming and community-based interactions, and many more streaming options. It is an ideal space for any brand from the tech and gaming industry and male-centric products. From influencer marketing to hosting live streams to promote your brand, Twitch’s strength is that it allows you to directly connect with the targeted audience with a good conversion rate. The luxury car company Lexus for example, found a goldmine in Twitch, gaining huge success by advertising on the platform, as found out from an article published by eventmarketer.


This particular platform is already up and thriving in Bangladesh, The Business Standard stated, recording 96.8 billion messages and 26 billion audio and video calls made in 2020. The app is ideal for many brands which do not necessarily talk about premium products or services. Since the app is quite popular in rural areas and middle to low socioeconomic classes, it makes reaching out to these people much easier compared to the more popular social media apps or platforms in Bangladesh. Though underrated, the simple advertising options in IMO can be pivotal for a lot of Bangladeshi brands.


Lately, there has been a surge in adrenaline junkies and people with a passion for traveling, resulting in travel-related apps, websites, and forums gaining popularity.  This makes the platform ideal for any brands working with accommodation, travel, transportation, and recreation. The best thing about it is that it is free to market in and almost guaranteed that you will always address the right audience. A few additional tools are made available by paying a fee to give you the extra edge over your competitors.


It is difficult to reach a decisive conclusion if we are to specify the platforms that are truly going to create a disruption or breakthrough in the near future. Drastic changes may come and knock off all possible outcomes. Still, these platforms are indeed worth having a look at because they show the most promise to elevate your game to the next level.

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How Website Design Affects Search Engine Optimization

In what way web design and SEO are related?

Website is a useful tool to present your business with adequate information with visual aesthetics for reaching potential viewers. search engine optimization helps to have a good ranking and take place on the front page of the search results when relevant searches are being made and website design helps to increase the attraction and beauty of the site. So, to find viewers and make them into customers, your website needs to be both functional and visually appealing.

Which one is more important website design or SEO?

Many people think that websites having outweighed design may have a bad impact on SEO and vice versa. In that case, it is hard to prioritize which to be considered first. But the Ans both should be treated equally. For the reason that you may have a well-designed website with proper information but customers do not find you when they are searching for you then this will be worthless. On the other hand, a properly optimized site having good ranking but poor design and visual presentation become a cause to leave the customer.

How SEO and Web Design can work together?

As website design and SEO are very closely related and both have an impact on each other, you must think about the design and SEO with equal priority from the preliminary stages of website creation. Developing a website with proper planning but optimizing the site afterward must be avoided as it will hamper the full potentials of the SEO.

Involve SEO with website design and development from very beginning

Designers and SEO both have to be involved from the very beginning of the project. So that designers can make the framework SEO friendly and customizable in the future according to their needs and on the contrary, SEO can understand the minutiae of your website.

Doing very everything by one person should be avoided

Another possible solution you may think is to do both the tasks with the same person. But these are the two distinctive fields that require a different skill to accomplish them. In that case, it is better to hire different people for each term and put one person who is mediocre on both sides.

Hire Full-Service Internet marketing service

One of the best suggestions is to hire a full-service internet marketing agency where developers, designers, and SEO work together to build a website. your ultimate result may be subjunctive but you can ensure that each of the tasks is performed accurately with skilled professionals.

Now let’s see what are the specific aspects that affect each other on your website.


When developers think about website design and website development, the first thing to decide which codes to use. Although there are few choices and mostly sticks on HTML and CSS for good reason. But flash contents always deny mixing with the google ranking as it is tough to optimize according to the SEO needs. Due to the fact, your developers and designers should avoid using flash contents on your website to get appreciations from SEO.

Mobile-friendly website design

Several devices and browsers are being used nowadays with different platforms and screen sizes. Unless your website design is mobile-friendly you are going to lose your potential viewers among 50% of an internet user who searches through phones for their query and buys products online.  So mobile-friendly website or responsive website design will allow you to reach more people. Consequently, you will get a good ranking. Besides these google has started to crawl websites based on mobile-friendliness.

Text readability

When website design comes to anyone’s mind the 1st thing considered is the non-text elements like graphics, pictures, images, graphs, and other visual presentations. But search mostly depends on texts and information given the websites. Plenty of spaces for having clear text information and description about the contents, products, etc. will more engage the viewer to stay more in your site or leaving the viewer within the very beginning of the entrance may be the cause of decreasing of your ranking. But the text’s font and size should be appropriate to make it easy to read. Other than that, huge visual elements with fewer texts may frustrate your SEO.

Images and animations

Image and animation will lead your website to have a better presentation of your content or product. But excessive large image size and huge animation may cause your site load slowly. Although JPG, GIF, and PNG are used for pictures, animations, and higher quality images like graphs or maps respectively, SVG is the newer format used by Google and Udacity to make the site responsive which reduces the load time. It has been found that most visitors leave websites which take more than 2 seconds to load. So, tell your designers to avoid excessive large images designing your website.

Files used in your website

Images videos whatever elements you use to website design, just keep in mind that, google is crawling about what is the name of your file and consequently it appears in the search result. So, every image and video should be named for what it stands for. In addition, the file size should be as minimum as possible by maintaining the quality which increases the load speed.

Using popups inappropriately during website design

Always keep in mind that people are searching for information and that is why your websites exist. Now, if a visitor enters your site and within 3-4 seconds a pop screen appears in front of him then what will happen? He will leave. Such things will negatively be reported on google by visitor’s dissatisfaction. It’s better to appear it in a window at the bottom end corner with a very appropriate manner if you want. That will meet the visitor’s expectations and raise your website credibility as well.

Website design and search optimization (SEO) are two different fields. It is quite a complex relationship that they have. But it may help you get some ideas and concepts about how they have to work together. Do you want to know more about SEO friendly website design and development? We have a team with talented personnel and enthusiastic eagerness to assist you to have the best web experience for website design and development.

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Website Design And Development: Ways, Cost and Time

What is the cost, way and time requirement for website development

Website, the ultimate requirement for online existence in the current era. Nearly every day, the design, look and feel of the website is changing. New types of businesses through online are increasing with full pace. Ecommerce, drop shipping, affiliate marketing are some of the examples of business through online. Website is very crucial for these types of businesses as well as for other type of businesses. Clients mainly consider the look and feel of the website. But now a day they also focus on the responsiveness and speed too. There are lots of ways to create website. Cost and time of development also varies upon the ways of development.

Ways of website development

As we are the best website design company in Bangladesh, we should talk about the perspective of the website built in Bangladesh. Usually Bangladeshi website Design Company usually builds website in word press platform or by PHP. Developers use Laraval framework to build website in Bangladesh. Websites developed by php are usually high speedy but it is costly and development time is high. It is costly as the codes need to be written manually for a website which requires high involvement of the developers. Websites developed in wordpress platform are easy to create which is why you can build this type of site with a less price. But the main problem for wordpress site is that it is usually slow in nature. But the slowness depends on the optimization. As there are lots of plug-in included in the wordpress site, it takes a little bit more time to load the site i.e to fetch the data. But Bangladesh website design and development companies can create more lucrative website by wordpress platform.

Cost for website development

Costs actually vary with the type of development and some other factors. A lucrative website on wordpress platform may start from 30,000 BDT or nearly 350 USD. Price mainly depends on the number of pages, design, plugins or modules like animated slider, live chat, google map, enquiry form, SEO module and so on.  On the other hand, the Cost for website development by raw PHP or Laravel framework may start from 60,000 BDT or 660 USD. It requires more money as every page needs to be developed by hand coding. And there is no provision for drag and drop option.

Time requirement for website development

Similar to the cost of website development, the time required for website development also depends on some factors including the type of development, size  of the website, design and so on. Usually a wrodpress website development in Bangladesh or other parts of the world requires one month or 28 working days to complete. While, a php based website development in Bangladesh or other parts of the world requires one and a half month or 45 working days to complete.

So it completely depends on your choice, which type of development you are going to take. We recommend you to first think about the goal of the development. If you need a super fast and lucrative website and if you have enough budget then go for php based development. If you have a budget constraint but you want a fast and lucrative website then go for wordpress website for your business.

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